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Discover How to Run Profitable Facebook Ads with Predictability Using a proven formula that always works. (So You Can Spend $1 and Get $2, $3, $5, $10 Back and get a continuous flow of leads and sales) without losing money on Ads

Do you know you can always run profitable Facebook ads by using proven and scientific conversion methods that get your ads profitable All the time?

Do you ever wonder why your Facebook ads never seem to work?

Here's the secret, Running Facebook Ads is never that simple and straight forward as the Gurus out there make you believe. There is a lot that goes into a profitable Facebook Ads Campaign that makes it successful and profitable.

Let me explain: There are four major components of a Facebook Ad campaign that you have to get right to be successful and profitable.

The Copy, The Ad creative (Images ad Videos), The Targeting and Your Landing Page. If you do not get any of these components right, you are always almost destine to fail in your ad. All these components and more are very important

The big question on my clients minds can I Run Ads on Facebook and Get My money back and also get a continuous flow of clients to my pipeline without cold calling bothering Friends and relatives with my offers.

Do not get me wrong, I do not mean to say that cold calling or other outreach methods are wrong because there are so many people that still use them ad are successful but most of them are not scalable.

Most of the clients who come to us to run their Facebook ads have already tried to do it themselves before and many have given up on running Facebook Ads. Some were making statements like, “Facebook Ads Do not work anymore, Facebook is full of jokers, my type of clients are not found on Facebook and most of most were very frustrated”

But when we started running ads for them the professional way, many of them were amazed at the conversions and sales they were starting to receive and the new questions on their mind were: How are you able to do this? Can you teach me how to do this? They were very delighted and pleasantly surprised.

This is the motivation for the creation of this course. There were as well some clients who could not afford our services and wanted to learn how to run Facebook Ads on their own successfully.


I've been running Facebook Ads for close to 10 years now, both for our agency and our clients. Within these years we made a lot of mistakes and spent thousands of dollars running Ads.

My Name is Narkisho, owner of Kavenacc Digital Solutions, where we help businesses and professionals to grow online and have a continuous flow of leads and sales.

What we discovered is that there are so many gurus out there who make Facebook ads look so easy and many people go into this with the mindset that they can start this today and make millions of dollars overnight. What I realized is that most of these gurus only show you the successes and hide their failures and frustrations by making it look so easy

It took me Over 10 years of trials and failures to perfect the running of Facebook ads with consistent and predictable results but I have finally perfected running profitable Facebook Ads and want to share my 10 years of expertise with you.


 Kavenacc are very reliable and efficient in service delivery..I would recommend them when it comes to web design and online marketing..through Facebook promotion.

Geoffrey Faidisha

You were the Solution to our advertising needs. Through Kavenacc we have been able to reach our target clients getting the right FB Ads Leads through their advertising that have converted to sales. Just in 2 weeks our customer base has really grown and we look forward to taking our business to the next level trough you. I recommend KDS anytime for your digital solutions"

Susan Kariuki - Rendant

You can not go wrong with Kavenacc Digital Solutions, after advertising my Trendy Imports business with them for 10 days, the traffic i have received is tremendous and my sales have Tripled, my Fb page has 1497 likes, 1499 followers, have even created a 2nd whatsapp group and many more inquiries, this is the place to be for your business growth. Thank you Kavenacc

Cecilia - Trendy Imports

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