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Done For You High Converting

High Ticket Funnel

In 21 Days Or Your Money Back!

From The Desk Of

Narkisho Nyonje

Dear Friend,
How Would You Like To Have 5, 10, or even 15 Highly Qualified Leads Booked Automatically On Your Calendar Every Single Week?

We both know that generating leads manually through LinkedIn, Facebook or other platforms can be Inconsistent, Tiring and is Not Scaleable.

On the other hand, if you don't have a predictable amount of leads coming to you every single Day, Week Or Month then your business is at risk.

How Would You Like To Have A Hands Free Automated System Generating Highly Qualified Leads That Is Predictable And Scalable?

I’m referring to having a system that’s similar to turning a tap ON or OFF whenever you want to fill your calendar. 

If that’s you, then keep reading.

Defying conventional practice, this letter to you is not going to be one of those hard sells where I present you with a dream come true offer that you must act on today or else.

My guess is you already KNOW what you need, even more what you want, and don’t need a hard sell.

Instead I can just present to you the useful information and let you make up your own mind.

Simple and straightforward. here’s my offer...and it’s quite self explanatory.

Done For You High Ticket Funnel In

21 Days Or Your Money Back

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

Let’s face it. You have a business and you’re in it to make money. Well, having an awesome marketing funnel will boost your ability to make money, giving you HIGH quality leads day after day, virtually on autopilot.

Sure there is a LITTLE work.

There always is. But after having one set up the work become minimal. I’ll explain how in a minute.

Obviously I can build you this funnel.

I've been building funnels for the past 12 years and this is the first time that I am making such a bold promise and putting my money where my mouth is.

But before I get deeper into that here is the fine print in big letters.
I am not promising you that the funnel will generate you millions by next month.

Nor am I claiming to have some secret magic system that is going to solve all your business problems forever. The reality is NO one ELSE can make that promise with a straight face either.

I’m just being honest with you.

But here’s my promise to you.

You and I will get on a call and map out a strategy.

We will brainstorm on your specific situation and business and map out a funnel that fits your business model.

If you like what you hear, I will send you an agreement and payment details.

If you don’t, it’s cool, I love talking to entrepreneurs and I am sure you’ll get some value out of the call regardless of whether your decision will be to work with me or to move on.

What happens next is simple.

My team and I will get to work and build your funnel.

We will take care of

Core Messaging
Copywriting for Landing pages
Copywriting for Follow-up emails
Follow up email integrations
Design and builds of all pages
Questionnaire Integration
Calendar Integration
Pixel Integration
Analytics Setup

You see..

There are a lot of moving parts in High Ticket Funnel and if you get one of those wrong, you could end up wasting a lot of time of money.

This happens all the time

But you don't need to worry about that.

You're in good hands.

As I mentioned before, I will deliver your High Ticket funnel within 21 Days or you get your money back.

All the risk is on me.

We have clients who waste months or years trying to build their own funnel only to find out that it’s not going anywhere.

They give up.

They lose hope

They lose money in the process.

And most importantly, they lose time.

Time is the most precious commodity every one of us have, equally.

I hate wasting mine and I am sure you're the same.

You want to spend your time with your loved ones.

Or spend it doing the things you love.

On the things you're passionate about.

I have a whole team of people who help me in my business and each team member is a specialist.

Each and everyone is the best in the world at one thing and I set up my business to run itself. See...I practice what I preach.

The same system I’m going to build for YOU I’m using right now to win your business...or at least your interest.

And sparking interest is the first step to generating a conversation that could lead to a sale. I want this for you. I’m not going to sell you something that isn’t good enough for ME to implement in MY business.

That’s a fact.

I've got your back, but you need to...

Do What You Do Best & Delegate The Rest

Think about that for a minute.

Why would you want to waste your time on building your funnel anyway?

If you do that then who is going to work on the bigger picture?

Who's going to be the CEO of your business?

You cannot run the show and play in it as well.

You’re probably a great CEO or founder or business owner or whatever craft is it that you love and master...

I’m great at funnel creation. I am a funnel architect.

I dig deep into your business and prescribe a funnel blueprint, then my team executes it.

I have great copywriters. I have great web designers. I have great marketing strategists. My specialists only do ONE thing and they do it well.

Let us take the struggle off of your hands. You can’t do it all yourself.

Well you can, if you want to play small but I am sure that’s not what you want.

You want a business that has a system in place to generate leads and you want a reliable team to be able to support you whenever needed.

It’s that simple.

Every business needs leads on a consistent basis and tons of it.

If you don't have a system figured to generate leads then you have a problem but it's a good thing that you're reading this letter.

Thing is…

If you don't have a system in place to generate leads on demand, your business is in danger.


You don't want to be in a situation where you're worried about where the next lead is going to come from so that you can close it and pay your bills.

I have been in that exact situation when I just started out and I know exactly how that feels.

But anyway, I am sure you know all of that.

My goal is to build that Lead Generation machine for you in 21 days, plain and simple.

Whether you're a Coach, Consultant, an Agency or a Service professional, that's what you want.

Look, I am not going to insult your intelligence.

You’re a seasoned business owner and I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about.

I am sure you’ve come across those "funnel hackers" or so called “Gurus"who only want to sell you information but don’t want to help you get things done.

Getting information is easy…

Building a funnel is NOT

And this is where most of my clients struggled before they met me.

Every day without a proper funnel, you’re losing money.

A lot of it.


To make sure that this doesn’t happen to our clients.

We are offering a Done For You Funnel Service backed by a no brainer Guarantee.

We don’t just tell you what to do.

We actually do it FOR you.

Of course, there are some parts of the funnel that you need to take care of but we do most of the work.

Don't Let All The Tech Stuff Keep You From Achieving Your Goals & Dreams. Go Ahead And Book a all to build your  Lead Generation Funnel  HERE

So if you need an A Team to build your funnels and be the backbone of your business, we should talk.

In fact, we deliver funnels every single day for clients from Australia, Canada,  US and UK.

We have clients coming to us complaining that they have paid self proclaimed Guru and it’s been 2-3 months and still have no funnel that they already paid for, in FULL.

Clearly, I See Opportunity There And

Hence This Letter To You.

If you don’t want to waste your time on trial and error.

Or lose your sanity with Copywriting

Click on the button below and request a time for your High Ticket Lead Getting Funnel

Let Me Book A CAll

On the call we will map out

=> Your perfect buyer,

=> Your core message,

=> Your irresistible offer and

=> Your traffic options.

Like I said, regardless of whether you choose to hire me and my team to build your funnel, you'll still walk away with a solid strategy.

Clients usually pay usd 500 for a Strategy Session like this and you're getting one for FREE.

So if you have a Solid product or service that costs more than usd 2000 and that you'd like to Sell to more people, start by getting a quote.

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