How to create a Coaching/Consultancy Online Sales Funnel in Less Than 30 Days

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to do without an online presence to be successful as a coach or a consultant. It is important to have social media channels and a website. But these may not be enough with billions of websites in existence. I know some of us may not be familiar with what a funnel is but it basically goes beyond a website.

Before going to the steps of creating a funnel itself, let us funnel get a basic definition of what a funnel is. A funnel is a journey you take your website visitors through to become a buyer. These happen in a series of steps and clear call to actions.

One mistake many Coaches and Consultants do when marketing online is to run the same ads to everyone. The same ads that the total strangers see are the same ones your followers see. It is crucial to segment your online audience. This enables you to reach them with relevant messages that resonate well with them. This makes them take the intended call to action, Whether it is subscribing to your list or buying from you.

This is were Funnels come in handy compared to traditional websites. You could be wondering what does a funnel consist of. A basic funnel may consist of all or some of the following components:-

  1. Trigger/Lead Magnet/Freebee
  2. Tripwire
  3. Email Content
  4. Product
  5. Upsell/Downsell

1. Trigger/Lead Magnet/Freebee

This is the entry point to your funnel. It is was makes your intended audience to take action. A lead magnet could be an ebook, A video training, A Chet Sheet or blueprint, a webinar, or any other form of content. This is usually given for free in exchange for an email address or contacts. It makes your target audience to raise their hand that they have interest in the content or value you offer.

It is becoming more difficult to convince a total stranger to give you their email address. There is a lot of skepticism with many marketers who give low-quality lead magnets. The lead magnets that you offer for free should be of High quality. This together with segmenting your target audience can lead to higher subscription rates.

The Lead magnet needs to relate to the main offer or product you are selling. It should solve one problem that is actionable. Give a lot of value to make your audience in advance. This makes them ask themselves that “Ïf I can get this for free, then how much more valuable is the paid product?”

2. Tripwire

This is the introductory paid offer given after the access to the freebie. It is usually in the thankyou page. It is between $1-$49 Value. This could be a course, a paid e-book that related to your main product. This is usually given to take care of the cost of the advertisement. It helps to determine those willing to buy and those who like only the freebie. It is important to have a buyer list, once one buys one of your products and services, they can buy again.

3. Email Content

Email sequence is a very important part of a funnel that is mostly ignored. There is a popular saying that “the money is in the list.” I would dare say that the money is not in the list but in how you interact with ad nurture the list.

Let’s say that two subscribers opt-in for the free content. One of them buys the tripwire and the other one does not. The email sequence that the two receive should be different. It is important to segment the list to have the buyer and the non-buyer to nurture the non-buyer to become a buyer. The email needs to nurture the tripwire buyer to become a buyer of the main product.

There are so many email autoresponder programs that should enable you to achieve it. Some examples of these include A Webber, MailChimp, Geresponce, ActiveCampaign, Klavyo. The email sequence can be set up once and runs automatically saving a lot of time and enable the system work 24/7.

4. Product

This is the main product that you are offering. A good example of this could be a Group coaching product where you offer weekly group coaching calls. I am mentioning a group caching call because this is very scalable compared to coaching one at a time. It is possible to have a zoom coaching call or any other platform to deliver this. This could as well be a mastermind that you offer may be live in two days or any other product. When you are just beginning online, you can start with one on one coaching to gain rust and to get testimonials.

You can market this directly to those who have bought your tripwire as they are in the buying mode.

5. Upsell/Downsell

An upsell is just a product of a higher price point than what the buyer has purchased. If a buyer has, for example, bought a group coaching call, an upsell could be a one on one Coaching session. A down-sell you can give to one who has not taken action to buy an offer.

This is just one type of funnels. There are many types of funnels that you can build which include:-

  • Webinar Funnel
  • Sales Funnel
  • Application Funnel
  • Book Funnel
  • Quiz Funnel
  • Bridge Funnel
  • Auto Webinar Funnel and many others

You could by now be wondering how can I be able to put in place a funnel like this. There are many funnel Softwares out there but the most common one is clickfunnels. Currently, clickfunnels cost is $97 (basic) a month and the platinum costs $297 a month.

It is also possible to build funnels in WordPress using the Carflow Plugin.

If you would like to reach me with any questions or to help you build your funnel from scratch. Feel free to book an appointment (zoom call) so we can discuss the best solution unique to you here:


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